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In the Carrollton Police Department’s commitment to make a positive difference in children’s lives, two youth police academies, a sports summer camp, and now a special needs camp has been implemented. Fifteen children were selected to attend this camp in 2009. It was such a tremendous success that plans were made to host this camp each year.

This camp is based upon the principals and goals of the regular Youth Police Academy. Our goal was to create an atmosphere where the children would feel comfortable and have a good time, but also where the parents would feel secure leaving their children. More than anything we wanted to touch this special group of children in a positive way and show them that even though they may have something challenging to face, they can still have some of the positive experiences that children without physical or mental challenges incur. Activities for the three day camp included fingerprinting, making photo IDs, touring the police and fire departments, and swimming many of the activities that are enjoyed in the regular Youth Police Academies. Camp Special Forces is now a weeklong, activityfilled event. Everyone involved has such a wonderful time, that once the year’s camp is over, they are anxiously awaiting the next year’s.