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The Carrollton Police Department’s K-9 Unit is comprised of three dogs and their handlers. Cpl. Anthony Johnson handles K-9 “Kilo”, a Belgian Malinois, who is trained in narcotics detection and tracking. Cpl. Kelly Bennett handles K-9 “Imala”, a Belgian Malinois, who is also trained in narcotics detection and tracking. Ofc. Jay Shepard handles K-9 “Theo”, a German Shepherd, who is trained in explosives detection and tracking.

Cpl. Anthony Johnson and Kilo

AJ n KiloCpl. Anthony Johnson has been a Carrollton Police Officer for nearly 14 years. He began his career in 2001, assigned to “D” Shift patrol. He transferred to “B” Shift, then to the Traffic Division in 2007. In 2012, he transferred to the Drug Suppression Unit/Aggressive Criminal Enforcement Unit as a street level narcotics investigator. During his time with DSU/ACE, he was assigned K-9 “Max”. In October of 2013, Cpl. Johnson was transferred back to the Patrol Division assigned with the task of helping to establish a K-9 Unit consisting of multiple dogs.

Cpl. Johnson is currently assigned to the Carrollton Housing Authority as their liaison between them and the Police Department.

Cpl. Johnson and his partner, K-9 “Kilo” stay proactive in the Housing Authority’s properties by attending events sponsored by the communities and conducting classes for “at-risk” youth, explaining the consequences of drugs, bullying, gangs, etc. He also assists with some of the administrative duties in the Housing Authority’s properties.

Cpl. Johnson utilizes his K-9 partner for drug searches throughout the community, but he also uses his partner as a community relations tool. K-9 “Kilo” loves kids and interaction with almost anyone he meets.

Cpl. Kelly Bennett and Imala

Kelly n ImalaK-9 Imala and Corporal Kelly Bennett have been partners since September of 2014. The two certified as a Narcotic Detection K-9 Team in November of 2014. K-9 Imala and Corporal Bennett had several successful tracks resulting in the apprehension of fleeing suspects. They have located large amounts of narcotics inside the city limits of Carrollton. Corporal Bennett and K-9 Imala look forward to continuing to serve the citizens of Carrollton as a well-trained K-9 duo.








Ofc. Jay Shepard and Theo

Jay n TheoOfficer Jay Shepard and K-9 Theo completed their training this year in May and have had 41 deployments to date since May. K-9 Theo has conducted 12 Tracks resulting in two arrests and the location of 5 suspects. K-9 Theo has assisted other agencies to include the United States Marshall’s Office, Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, Cherokee Schools Police Department, Temple Police Department and UWG Police Department.

K-9 Theo has also been called out to search 1 suspicious unattended package, 1 sweep after a bomb threat and 1 sweep of a vehicle that was thought to contain an explosive device. All three searches were negative for any explosive devices! K-9 Theo has also conducted 26 Explosive Ordinance Detector sweeps at public areas such as the Amp off the square, UWG stadium and the Coliseum.

Currently K-9 Theo and Officer Jay Shepard have been invited to train with GEMA’s Explosive Ordinance Detection K-9 program. They have attended some training sessions and will attempt to certify with GEMA as an EOD K-9 team. GEMA uses the program to safeguard large public gatherings all over the State by using K-9 teams that are part of the GEMA program.

Please visit our Facebook page, Carrollton GA Police Dept K-9 Unit, to see and learn more about them.