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BADGElogoB.A.D.G.E. (Bullying, Attitude, Drugs, Gangs, and Education) is a six week program created by members of the Carrollton Police Department and taught to the 6th grade students at Carrollton Middle School. The program is designed to teach students about topics such as; internet safety, bullying, school violence, gangs, drugs, peer pressure, attitudes, and personal safety. The students learn the school policies and criminal consequences for their negative decisions. B.A.D.G.E. officers work with the students to teach positive skills they can use when faced with a tough situation in life. The different lessons offer a chance for the students to develop a positive relationship with Law Enforcement Officers, meet the Department K9s, ask questions, and do other activities that help them learn skills and gain confidence in themselves and their decisions. The goal of the program is to give the students a positive interaction with Law Enforcement, teach them positive ways to handle adversity, and let them know what happens if bad decisions are made. The students complete a short essay at the end of the program telling what they learned. They receive certificates and prizes during the end of the program party.