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VIP-logoThe Carrollton Police Department, as well as other police departments across the nation, faced a number of constraints and was confronted with the evergrowing problem of providing new growth within the Police Department, but had to deal with these problems with a narrow budget. The solution was to organize a group of individuals that would be willing to donate their time, talent, and energy towards law enforcement. Therefore, in 2001, the Volunteers in Policing (VIP) Program was established in which volunteers are selected to work at Police Headquarters doing jobs that had previously been accomplished by either certified Police Officers or salaried civilian employees. This program accomplishes several objectives. First, it allows the Chief to move the Officers to the streets where they are needed. Second, it saves taxpayer dollars by relieving paid personnel to fulfill their assigned job responsibilities and eliminates the need for some of the overtime pay. Third, it provides insight on the problems facing law enforcement to our citizens, and it gives law enforcement personnel a more acute awareness of problems facing our citizens.