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The Carrollton Special Response Team is comprised of 26 members who possess the skills to perform under high stress circumstances. The team consists of 17 officers and 9 medics from the Carrollton Fire Department. The team is utilized to perform high risk entries into buildings. These entries are made for wanted persons and also for executing narcotic search warrants for the Narcotics Unit. The team trains on a monthly basis. Team members are trained on different styles of entry, woodland ops, surveillance and advanced use of firearms. Team members are selected based on experience and willingness to work together as a team. The team falls under the command of Capt. Shannon Cantrell.

Team Member Role
Capt. JJ Cole Commander/Coordinator
Sgt. Stephen Davenport Training
Ptl. Craig Gibson Team Leader
Lt. Greg Falls Team Leader
Lt. Brad Easterwood Member
Sgt. Chad Taylor Member
Cpl. Brandon Podaras Member
Sgt. Chris Wright Member
Ptl. Jay Shepard Member
Cpl. Kelly Bennett Member
Ptl. Chad Krish Member
Ptl. Ian Wright Member
Ptl. Michael Hollis Member
Ptl. Drew Fowlkes Member
Ptl. Zac Pruitt Member
Ptl. Daniel Cole Member
Allen English Medic
Bill Lambert Medic
Freddie Richey Medic
Dave Wade Medic
Richard Williams Medic
Will Rollins Medic
Chad Thigpen Medic
Stacy Presnal Medic
Bryan McLarty Medic