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 Crime Stoppers How it works

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The Crime Stoppers program can only work with public participation. Calls to the tip line may be placed at anytime day or night and are always completely anonymous.


What Happens When You Call Crime Stoppers?


  • You will NOT be given the amount of the reward prior to the tip because the Board sets that amount based on all the information surrounding the tip. Information considered are the charges, amount of money and/or drugs seized, number of persons arrested, etc.
  • Your information will be taken down by the person answering the tip line. After the person is finished recording your information, you and the information will be assigned a tip number. This number is very important so keep track of it.
  • The information you submitted through the tip line is then sent to an officer assigned to the case to be investigated.
  • If a tip leads to an arrest, an ad is placed in the city's newsmedia and on the lobby computer featuring the information's assigned number. If you have the same tip number that is printed in the newspapers or on the Most Wanted video (lobby or website) you must call the Crime Stoppers tip line again and confirm the information.
  • Once your information has been confirmed another number will be assigned to you. You will also receive instructions detailing how and where to retrieve your reward money.


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