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State Certified

 Crime Stoppers Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

LEFT TO RIGHT: Sylvia Negri, Doug Hardy, Billy Eidson, 
Kay Moon, Buddy Emory, Gene May, Vic Lipscomb, 
Robert Richards, George Ragsdale


Detective MacAleese, the creator of the Crime Stoppers Program, decided early on to create a citizen board of directors to provide citizen oversight of the program. His original board was comprised of 24 individuals from the community. The group consisted of everyone from housewives and retired persons to professionals and businessmen. Since that original board, over 100,000 men and women have volunteered their time to make Crime Stoppers all over the world successful. Their principal responsibility is monitoring the operation which includes raising the reward fund, and meeting monthly to review cases and determine what reward amounts callers should receive.


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